Old School Modules

Inside the Moathouse

After successfully getting the whole party past the frogs outside, and into the courtyard of the moathouse, the group paused in the Midday sun to climb up and look inside the windows of several of the rooms which faced into the courtyard. Finding nothing but signs of decay and neglect, they decided to venture inside, seeing what must be a largely underground structure, containing the treasure left behind when the moathouse was abandoned.

Gildencranz, Turuko, Iagah, and Kobort lined up, storming the main of the building, entering a decayed, rotting which was obviously the great hall of the moathouse when it was in regular use. The roof of the building is in serious disrepair, and the second level of the building looks to be entirely collapsed in. After a short discussion, the PCs decide to clear the top level, starting with the hallways to the north. After uneventfully searching the side rooms, the party discovered a giant adder living in the collapsed rubble of the outer wall in the northernmost room. After dispatching it quickly, the party progressed to the western hallway.

Before entering the western hallway though, they decided to investigate a small alcove off the great hall. It turned out that this alcove led to a pantry, and to a set of stairs downwards. It also held a swarm of giant rats, who assaulted the party. Gildencranz, who was at the lead took the brunt of the attack, and Aldric who was also near the front took quite a bit of damage as well. The rats were eventually destroyed, but everyone decided to continue investigating the western hallways before descending the stairs.

The first room revealed nothing but moldering hunting trophies. Roi and Aldric listened quietly at the door to the next room, and heard someone inside, resting. Entering the room, they found a bound priest of St. Cuthbert, sleeping on a cot. The Gildencranz freed the young man, while the other members of the party questioned him on how he had come to be in the moathouse.

After rousing the cleric, the team progressed to the kitchen, where Roi, while checking out a conspicuous barrel was attacked by a giant tick. Roi rapidly retreated, while the rest of the crew attacked the tick.. Unfortunately, the tick bit Turuko, and he bled into unconsciousness as the fight was ending. The party loaded him onto Gussie, and continued through the last room. This room was occupied by a giant lizard, who was nestling among the collapsed pieces of the ceiling, around a small chest. After dispatching the lizard, Erishkilal sliced open it’s gut to find a medium shield, which Gildencranz claimed to improve his equipment. The chest contained a small amount of treasure, some armor, and a crossbow with ammunition.

Cautious, having been pretty heavily injured, the group decided to progress slowly down the stairs from the pantry to see what lies below. Roi and Aldric descended, carefully checking the walls and ceilings for traps. Luckily, right at the bottom of the steps, Aldric stopped Roi just before a large green slime fell upon him. After conferring with the rest of the party, and watching the green slime slowly devour a piece of wooden debris, the party decided to burn the slime out, which created some noxious fumes, but appeared to be quite successful at getting rid of the slime.


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