Flanaess Calendar

Calendar on the Flanaess

The standard week throughout the Flanaess is composed of 7 days:

  • Starday – Work Day
  • Sunday – Work Day
  • Moonday – Work Day
  • Godsday – Rest and Worship
  • Waterday – Work Day
  • Earthday – Work Day
  • Freeday – Rest Day

In large cities, markets are generally closed on Freeday and Godsday, though individual merchants will decide whether they are open on a given day or not.

Oerth orbits it’s sun in 364 days. The year is divided into 12 months of 28 days. This leaves 28 more days, which are divided into 4 weeks of feasting and celebration at each change of the season. The months (as they are generally named by the humans in the region are:

  1. Fireseek
  2. Readying
  3. Coldeven
  4. Planting
  5. Flocktime
  6. Wealsun
  7. Reaping
  8. Goodmonth
  9. Harvester
  10. Patchwall
  11. Ready’reat
  12. Sunsebb

Between the months of Coldeven and Planting is the springtime festival week of Growfest, where farmers meet to trade seeds and fertile animals in preparation for planting their fields and beginning their flocks. Urban dwellers consider this a time of romance and courtship.

Between Wealsun and Reaping, the summer celebration of Richfest or Midsummer marks the highpoint of summer, where the rural folk take a pause in their labor to prepare for the harvesting that will follow in the next three months. Rich and middle-class cityfolk often travel into the countryside during Richfest to sample the fresh produce that is beginning to come in.

Between Harvester and Patchwall, the fall celebration of Brewfest takes place. By this time, all of the fields are empty, the crops are stored and prepared for winter, and all of the farmers take time to celebrate a successful harvest by breaking out the last of the summerwine and the ales and wheatbeers that they have been brewing since last Brewfest. Amateur musicians travel to nearby villages during this week, and some areas even have small competitions of sport and skill.

Then, finally at the end of Sunsebb, the celebration of Needfest takes place. By now, winter is truly setting in, and everyone takes some time to both celebrate what has happened in the last year, and take stock of what they have stored up for winter. It is traditional for those who find their winter stores plentiful to leave anonymous gifts of grains and canned goods for their neighbors. In more urban areas, this has turned to more of a generic gift-giving ritual, and though the tradition of anonymity is still common, it’s not necessarily the norm.

Flanaess Calendar

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