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The Village of Hommlet, and Beyond

Years ago, when the laws of the universe were still being formed, the great Gary created a world known as “Greyhawk”, and gave it form. Nestled in the bucolic hills near Verbobonc, the village of Hommlet sprung forth from the fertile lands. Near the village though, an evil took hold of the land. For a time, the evil bided its time, growing in strength, and building a Temple. However, inevitably, the forces of good could no longer ignore the presence of the evil. The armies of good marched against the Temple of Elemental Evil, smashing the evil that dwelled there, and scouring it from the land.

For years after the great battle, adventurers sought out the remnants of the evil, and many were successful. Not all were successful, and those that failed disappeared, some to the dangers of the wild, others to more sinister causes. As time passed however, those being lost to sinister fates tapered off, and the hills were thought to be free of evil finally. The people of the land breathed a sigh of relief, and returned to their farming and catering to the traders and caravans that passed through the area.

Unfortunately evil is tenacious. In the last few months, rumors have surfaced of raiders attacking caravans in the hills nearby. Though the village of Hommlet stood strong, with no attacks against it’s people directly, though the local Militia eyed their supplies and weapons, waiting for the day where evil might make it’s presence known in their town once more.

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